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It's Not Too Late to Volunteer in Ellicott City

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Email Subject: It's Not Too Late to Volunteer in Ellicott City
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Ellicott City Flooding update: it’s not too late to volunteer!


The end is near! Thanks to your hands-on help and prayers, we are almost finished with the recovery jobs in our que. But we’re not quite done yet—we really need your helpas we push through to the end.


We are wrapping up our flood response by June 30. We have multiple recovery jobs to finish before then--we don’t want to leave any of our homeowners hanging.

We will be working this weekend. If you available to serve any days between today and June 28, please respond to or 443-285-2908. That will send your information straight to our field operations base so the Incident Command team can quickly connect with you.


DR Volunteers are needed for:

  • Recovery: Someof our work next week will be pressure washing/shockwave. If you aren’t physically able to remove heavy items, we can use you on these less physically demanding teams. 


  • Kitchen: We are using a church kitchen to feed disaster volunteers. We need 1-2 people each day to prepare breakfast and dinner for 10-15 volunteers.


  • Logistics: we need 1 person each day who can be a general helper with shopping, running things out to teams in the field, maintaining showers, etc. 


  • Unit leaders& crew chiefs—if we don’t have leaders, we can’t send out teams!


Our operations base is set up at Catonsville Baptist Church: 1004 Frederick Rd Catonsville MD

Housing is available at the church with showers, laundry and meals.


If you are still available to respond, please respond to with:

  • Your name & best phone number
  • Date(s) you are available
  • What type(s) of work you are willing to do (recovery, feeding, etc)
  • Will you need overnight housing?


NOTE: as long as you have had basic DR training, it doesn’t matter what you’re trained in—we can cross-train you in the field if you are willing to try something new.