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Tornado in CT: Notice #2

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Email Subject: Tornado in CT: Notice #2
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Good afternoon DR Volunteers, 

Today we received more information from New England and the effects of the tornado in Connecticut are more serious than originally assessed. More volunteers are needed in Southbury, CT. The deployment schedule is as follows but there may be more dates in the near future. 

May 26 - June 2

June 2 - June 9

June 9 - 16


.  Revolving chainsaw teams for 3-4 weeks at least (most jobs are 2-3 days, 5-6 man crews)

. Experienced highly trained plus clean up teams, (NE has 1-10" chipper, a Bobcat with grapple and trailer and a Chainsaw equipment trailer)

. Shower/laundry volunteers revolving team of 2

. IC volunteers  team of 6 or individual; command, operations, logistics, planning, runners, volunteer tracking and housing

. Feeding revolving teams of 3-4

. Possible SUV's in small teams not more than 3 or 4 to a team, we already have a few teams that form periodically here


Christ the Redeemer Church

114 Roxbury Rd.

Southbury, Conn.

Capacity 30

Other Housing identified and coming online as needed.

The following trained teams are needed: Assessment, Recovery, Chaplain, Feeding, Chainsaw, Admin, and Laundry/Shower. 

If you are able to deploy to Southbury, CT, please respond by logging into the DR database at: When you sign up, please remember to include the specific dates you are available and which team you are interested in working on. 

Thank you!