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Standby Notice: Possible Tornado in CT

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Email Subject: Standby Notice: Possible Tornado in Connecticut Last Evening
Email Message (HTML):

Good morning DR Volunteers,

 Connecticut experienced what likely was a tornado in last evening's storm. There           was considerable damage to the towns of Southbury, Danbury and particularly    Brookfield. The State Emergency Operations Center is still assessing the situation. They do not have an immediate idea of what will be needed but believe it is evident that they will have a great need to mobilize. Chainsaw crews will be immobilized ASAP. 

The following trained volunteers will also be needed:  Blue Hats, Assessors, Chaplains, Feeding, and Chainsaw.

Expected service time is 4-7 days. As soon as more details are known, another message will be sent. Meanwhile, please keep all those affected in prayer. There are 2 reported deaths in CT and 5 total from the storm including NY and NJ. There are 84,000 people without power and that may be for days. 

Thank you for your willingness to serve!