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Puerto Rico Feeding Volunteers needed

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Email Subject: Puerto Rico Feeding Volunteers needed
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Ladies and gentlemen, I am sure that you have heard of the devastation that has taken place on the island of Peurto Rico from Hurricane Maria. 

Maryland/Delaware Baptist Disaster Relief has been asked to deploy a feeding team in partnership with our Region 1 partners. (These partners would be the Virgina Conventions, Penn/South Jersey, New York & New England.)

The Kitchen unit from Penn/South Jersey will be shipped over to the island and will need teams to support the unit. We need 25 volunteers per team. Please know that work conditions will be difficult, but FEMA is arranging to lodge on either barges or cruise ship (meals for volunteers will be on the same).  FEMA is paying for airfare as long as volunteers can commit for a two-week rotation. 

It is important to know that we only need feeding teams and we will be taking the first 25 volunteers. The first team will likely be the first week of October. 

You can register by going to this link: