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Status update

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Ladies & Gentlemen, 

I wanted to keep you updated on the current situation with our planned deployment response to the Hurricanes in the South. 

Each day at 3:00 pm, I have a conference call with NAMB and the other 42 State Directors of DR. I have let them know that all of our units are ready and able to respond as of this coming Sunday/Monday. I am currently building the teams to send with our units. 

Please keep in mind that the way that Disaster Relief works is that we deploy when we receive the request from the host state, we can not self-deploy. 

Over the next few days, Florida will be dividing the state into zones for recovery sites.  As soon as we receive this information, we will communicate it with you along with logistic details.

We realize that everyone is very anxious.  But everyone needs to understand that it has to safe to go first and that our volunteers don’t become part of the problem until sites, food supplies, etc. are established.  Right now there aren’t clear paths yet for our teams to deploy 

Hopefully, conditions will improve soon, and the plan can be executed.

Thanks again!