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Disaster Relief Notification

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Email Subject: Disaster Relief Notification
Email Message (HTML):

Ladies and gentlemen, I just wanted to thank you for filling out your profile on our BCMD Disaster Relief Database. 


I wanted to ask you to log onto your profile page, go to the top left-hand corner and you will see in the blue heading (next to the Disaster Relief Logo) the words "Upcoming Deployments."


Click on the words "Upcoming Deployments, " and you will be taken to another page that lists all the deployments. 


Scroll down to the bottom of the list, where you will see a deployment titled "Deployment Notice: Hurricane Harvey & Irma."


There you can read about the upcoming deployment. On the right side of the screen, you will see a blue box with black writing titled "view trips." Click on that blue box, you will then be taken to the list of trips going. 


Please find the first team titled "Team: Unassigned Personnel" and then click on the blue button with black writing titled "volunteer for trip." 


Please put your available dates and any special interests, or special assignments. 


After you complete this step, you will be assigned to a team. Once teams have been established, you will be contacted with further details. 


Thank you very much for your continued willingness to serve through the BCMD Disaster Relief. 


Doug DuBois