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Deployment Notice: Hurricane Harvey

Related to Team: Unassigned Personnel
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Email Subject: Deployment: Hurricane Harvey
Email Message (HTML):

"Brothers & sisters, I am sending out this deployment notification in order to fill the teams that will deploy on or around Sunday, September 17th. 

We have unit leaders in place for each of our BCMD Disaster Relief units and will need volunteers for chaplains, recovery/mud-out, feeding, shower, & laundry. 

We are asking teams to commit to serving for one week at a time at a minimum, beginning on Sunday, September 17th. This would mean that the first set of volunteers would deploy with their unit on or around the 17th and could return on Sunday the 24th. We would plan to send relief teams to fill those spots as the first set of volunteers came home. This schedule of replacing volunteers with relief volunteers could continue through October as we meet the needs of those affected by the hurricanes. 

As for the location of the deployment, we are unsure of the exact location at this time. However, the BCMD Disaster Relief units have already been asked to deploy, and we are just waiting for a location to serve. 

If you can commit to serving on a team starting on the 17th, please let us know by replying to your text or email. If you can serve on a team in the coming weeks, please respond by logging into your profile and choosing a team in the Deployments section. 

Once we assign you to a team, your unit leader will be in touch to provide you with the details on departure dates, travel arrangements, and location of your deployment. 

Thanks very much for your willingness to serve and I pray that through our serving, many would place their faith in Christ. 

Doug DuBois
BCMD State Director of Disaster Relief"