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Unit Leader Update

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Email Subject: BCMD DR Unit Leader Update - Hurricane Harvey
Email Message (HTML):

Ladies & gentlemen, I hope you are having a great Labor Day weekend and enjoying your Sunday. I know that this is coming from Niki's email. However, this is an email from Doug. 

I am contacting you because you are listed in our database as a previous Blue Hat, or you came to our Unit Leader training held earlier this year. 

At this point it is looking like MD/Delaware Disaster Relief will be called to serve somewhere in Texas over the next couple of weeks. I am contacting you so you can be in a "ready" status for deployment. It is looking as if we will get deployed for feeding team replacement along with our mud out units. 

I am also asking if any of you that have a truck and are willing to pull one of the BCMD Units, shower or mud out/recovery, to please let me or Niki know by emailing us. 

I would ask that you please continue to pray for those impacted by  Hurricane Harvey and also for the path of the Hurricane Irma. 

Thanks for your willingness to volunteer and also for your patience as we wait to be deployed.