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Update on Hurricane

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Email Subject: Hurricane Harvey Update
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I wanted to provide you with updates from yesterday's conference call with DR State Directors.

First, President Trump wanted to relay a thanks to what he referred to "the big 3" when it comes to relief. SBC DR, ARC & TSA

Status on Texas Baptist Men: 

    • All kitchens need to plan to do run at their max capacity. 
    • Will be serving 150K meals by Sunday.
    • TN coming to North Houston 
    • OK kitchen onsite 
    • AR at Houston shelter
    • They are creating volunteer village
    • Areas where water is receded, now have to search homes one by one and we can’t get in until search and rescue is over. 
    • There will be a Unified Command between TBM & SBTC: May be some duplication but they are coordinating. 

Status on SBTC: 

    • Beaumont – SBTC kitchens
    • There will be zone commands: The state that takes zone will be totally responsible for all needs.

NAMB will receive all reports through Formstack to be able to report to National Partners. Please report promptly. All known sites are currently in Formstack.

NAMB is getting lots of inquiries for site information, where teams are going, etc. We do not have that information. We need to be patient. 


    • Watching the Sabine River. A lot hinges on what happens over the next couple of days. 
    • They have deployed several shower units and small feeding team. 
    • Projection for to be 3 feet lower than last year, not 3 feet higher as initially heard.

There will be very little need for chainsaw units? Those needs being met by local teams. 

The biggest need will be for feeding replacement vols?

We can expect to hear back on needs for recovery teams soon, as early as next week. 

In a week or so on kitchen and feeding vol replacements will be needed. 

All kitchen request and needs are met for now, will definitely need to backfill replacement teams over the next week or so. 

 Irma: Category 3 Hurricane at present time and could effect the East coast units. 

I will keep you updated as I hear info. Also, be sure to check the video on the front page of the website and let me know if you are planning a training. Thanks,