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Teams for IL Flood response

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Email Subject: Teams for IL Flood response
Email Message (HTML):
We have received a request from Dwayne Doyle with IL SBDR asking for additional assistance responding to Lake County, IL.  Please see the request below indicating the specific need – and how you should contact IL IC if you are able to respond at this time:
We would like to request NAMB’s assistance in responding to Lake County, IL. We currently have help from MO, TN, and KY. Ohio, Indiana, Michigan have their hands full. We have been blessed by volunteers, but we need more assistance. 
If there are other states who can come to help please contact the IC team leaders:
Incident Command and Housing Address:
Wildwood Presbyterian Church
18630 West Old Gages Lake Road
Grayslake, Illinois 60030 
White Cap:
Jim Weickerscheimmer, State Director
Cell: (217) 419-1175
John Blasdel, Incident Commander
Cell: (630) 731-9719            
We do have FormStack setup for the response.
We need teams starting August 7 and on. We have a goal to finish by the end of August.
Needs and Numbers:
Flood Recovery – Mudout
Food Prepares – (2) with each team if possible to cook for the team, not for mass distribution.
As of today, July 31, 2017
300 Job Requests
60 assessed
6 complete
Dwayne C. Doyle