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Mass Feeding in Sussex/Kent Counties

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Email Subject: Mass Feeding in Sussex/Kent Counties
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Southern Baptist of Maryland/Delaware Disaster Relief (BCM/D-DR) - has been asked to provide a mobile kitchen to prepare food for mass feeding in Sussex and Kent Counties in participation with the DEMA Mass Care Exercise.  The Easter Shore, MDFD001, will be set up at the Disaster Recovery Center in Milford or the Sussex County EOC in Georgetown pending a decision by DEMA.  It has been requested that BCM/D-DR prepare meals for the Disaster Recovery Center, Sussex County EOC and Kent County EOC.  All meals will be prepped for delivery by the American Red Cross through their ERV units.

The Full Scale Exercise will be held on August 12 from 8am until 4pm, however the BCM/D-DR will only be providing the lunch meal. It is requested that all volunteers arrive to the location at 8:00 am to set up and prepare for cooking.