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Prince George's County MD Flooding: Nov-Dec 2020

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Email Subject: DR Volunteers needed for PG County Flood Recovery
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Volunteers needed for flood recovery!


On September 10, a severe rainstorm dumped 4-6 inches of rain across portions of Prince George’s County, causing widespread flooding in several communities. The County Office of Emergency Management has identified 39 homeowners who still need assistance with cleanup. Disaster Relief volunteers are needed to help with removing damp drywall and items damaged by the flood, cleaning, mold mitigation and preparing the houses for rebuilding.


This response opportunity is open to any Disaster Relief volunteer regardless of previous flood recovery training. Because of the large need for volunteers to get this work finished as soon as possible, church volunteers are also welcome but must be at least 18 years old in order to participate.


The first workday will be next Saturday, November 21. Additional workdays are scheduled for every Saturday through the end of the year. We can also accommodate teams and individual volunteers who are able to respond during the week. A limited amount of “DR-style” housing is available at local church for volunteers needing to spend the night.


Appropriate recovery PPE will be provided each workday and COVID protocols will be followed as much as possible. Type of work and  worksite locations will vary by workday. Volunteers will receive information on where to meet and what to bring for the work they will be doing once they sign up.

Because we are opening this up to church volunteers as well as DR volunteers, we’re asking everyone to sign up for Saturday workdays or to serve during the week by using this link: SignupGeniusDCsuburb  rather that our usual DR online signup site.

Please reach out to folks in your church who might be interested in serving--it's a great way to introduce them to DR ministry. We'll also be needing church volunteers who can assist with repairs and rebuilding in the near future.

Remember that in flood recovery, we do the "most need" houses first. We need as many volunteers as possible for the first few weeks of the response. If you can't respond, please support our teams and the flood survivors with prayer!

 Ellen Udovich: