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Non-Traditional DR : PPE launch (Maryland)

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Email Subject: Immediate need-assistance with PPE distribution for medical volunteers going into homes
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Hello DR volunteers-

This is an urgent, immediate non-traditional COVID need. We are supporting a State of Maryland project that is launching MONDAY but is moving so fast we haven't been able to get word out to churches yet. We need DR to fill the gap until we can recruit additional volunteers. This notice is for Baltimore City, every county in Maryland west of the Bay, and Cecil, Queen Anne and Kent Counties.

The State of Maryland Department of Aging is launching a initiative to support vulnerable senior adults in their homes in response to the COVID crisis. Trained Medical Reserve Corps volunteers will be going into homes to provide hands-on care. Before they go into the homes, they need to stop and pick up a PPE kit--that's where we need you!

We need volunteers in every county willing to serve as points-of-distribution for personal protective equipment (PPE). You would be working from your home. You would receive a text or email that a medical volunteer has been dispatched and is on the way to you. Put a PPE kit outside your door where it can be easily seen by the medical volunteer; no personal contact is necessary. When the kit has been picked up, record it. Kits and additional information will be provided. This will be a 7 days/week responsibility but you can recruit household members to assist you.

We also need County PPE Coordinators in every county who will pick up PPE from the county health department, take it home and assemble it into kits (1 set of gloves + surgical mask in a ziplock bag) You would also arrange to get it to the points-of-distribution network volunteers in your county, contact the points-of-distribution volunteers regularly to check on PPE supply, and get the "kits distributed" count from everyone each week.

Although this project will extend 12-18 months, we are only asking for a commitment to serve from now through next weekend (May 17) to get us through the critical launch period. You are welcome to stay on longer!!

You DO NOT need to be a DR volunteer for this response but everyone will need to register and get a background check on the MD DART portal: Please contact with questions.

Here's the hitch: we're moving so fast that the MD DART may not show these PPE opportunities until Friday. But in order for the points-of-distribution to have PPE by 7 am Monday morning when the program launches, we need County PPE Coordinators to pick up PPE from the health department FRIDAY MAY 8. If you are interested in serving as a PPE coordinator, please email me ASAP with your county and cell phone number:

If you cannot serve with PPE distribution, a second logistical opportunity related to essential home deliveries to seniors will be sent out next week. And if you know someone who would make a good PPE distribution volunteer, please pass the word!