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STANDING DOWN COVID-19 2020 Glen Mills, PA Teams

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Email Subject: STANDING DOWN COVID-19 2020 Glen Mills, PA feeding teams
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The feeding teams scheduled for Glen Mills, PA have been STOOD DOWN.

Due to their projected COVID surge numbers going down, the Governor of Pennsylvania has decided NOT to open the Glen Mills temporary medical facility. This means our DR feeding teams will NOT be needed at this time.

Although this is in some ways a disappointment, it’s a big “Thank You God!” that COVID cases in Pennsylvania are tracking in a positive way.

Thank you to everyone who checked in as willing to serve. COVID-19 has been an unusual disaster to respond to. The Glen Mills deployment was the third deployment in three weeks that we had been asked to stand up and was then stood down before teams were in the field. In each case, serious logistical challenges for the requestor or changing circumstances on the ground were the reasons the missions were cancelled and our volunteers asked to stand down. Thank you for your flexibility in the face of so  much uncertainty!

In a "typical" disaster,  DR volunteers deploy in teams. Because this is not a "typical" disaster,  Southern Baptist Disaster Relief will be offering suggestions to DR volunteers about ways we can respond individually or with small groups of church volunteers. Please watch for a notification early next week with more information regarding this "decentralized" strategy of responding to COVID-19.