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Alert Status

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Email Subject: All DR volunteers on ALERT status until further notice
Email Message (HTML):

Hello DR Volunteers-

We're placing all DR volunteers on ALERT status effective today in response to COVID-19 community needs. Based on conversations with Maryland Dept. of Human Services, we anticipate requests for assistance soon in the areas of feeding and general logistical support.

Please look at your schedule for the next 8 weeks and begin identifying days you might be available to serve.

We intend to follow COVID-19  guidance regarding personal distancing as much as possible. Because of that, we will try to structure deployments so that people commute daily rather than sleeping at a church overnight. Nevertheless, please follow good personal practices such as hand washing and social distancing NOW so that you will be healthy and not contagious when we need you to serve.

We will notify you as soon as specific missions are given to us.

As in most disasters, things are changing daily. Thank you for your patience while we await service.