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Hurrican Dorian Status: GO

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Email Subject: Recovery Deployment to NC Dorian: volunteers needed
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North Carolina Disaster Relief has confirmed that our recovery teams are needed Sept 14-28.

We are currently building two teams: Week One 9/14--21 and Week Two 9/21--28.

Teams will travel to NC Hatteras area on Saturday or Sunday and return the following Saturday.

We anticipate the teams will do a combination of flood recovery and chainsaw. If you are not trained specifically in recovery work but have a current badge and are willing to learn on-the-job, sign up for one of the teams. More information will be provided to team members as it becomes available.

To sign up for a team, go to  and log on with your password.  At the top of the screen, find "Upcoming Deployments", click on Hurricane Dorian and sign up for Week One or Week Two.