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Volunteers Needed in NC: Baptists on Mission

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Email Subject: Volunteers Needed in NC: Baptists on Mission
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Volunteers needed to serve in North Carolina

For those of you who were unable to deploy to North Carolina but who are still interested in assisting with hurricane relief:


Although Maryland/Delaware is not deploying additional teams to North Carolina at this time, our North Carolina Disaster Relief partners are welcoming both trained and untrained volunteers willing to serve on flood recovery teams. This invitation is open to any of our DR volunteers willing to learn flood recovery on-the-job as well as to church mission volunteers who are not trained in Disaster Relief. Volunteers responding to this opportunity will be placed on a mixed team with volunteers from other states and will be supervised by a trained DR leader.


To register, click the link below, which will take you directly to the North Carolina volunteer website. Once you have received your assignment, please respond to this email with your name, the dates of your assignment, name of your church and number of people going with you.

Thank you for your willingness to serve. We are praying for you.