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Recovery Blitz in PA

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Email Subject: One-Day Flood Recovery Blitz in Pennsylvania
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One-Day Flood Recovery Blitz in Pennsylvania

Volunteers are needed for the Philadelphia area this Saturday. Our partner, Penn/S. Jersey Baptist Disaster Relief, is struggling to complete flood recovery work in a number of towns across the state before cold weather arrives. They are organizing a volunteer blitz this Saturday 10/27 in Upper Darby, PA near Philadelphia. They need as many volunteers as possible and are accepting both trained and untrained volunteers to work with their DR volunteers.


We are not deploying as a MD/DE DR team; we’re mobilizing our volunteers to join with Penn/S. Jersey’s volunteers on Saturday.  If you live within 2 hours of Philadelphia, please consider assisting our partners—they need our help. Address and other details available to those who register for deployment.

Please go to: and log into the database. Under "Upcoming Deployments", which is at the top of the screen, click on "Recovery Blitz in PA".  Please sign up under "Unassigned Personnel" by clicking on "Volunteer for Trip".