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Updated: Volunteers Needed in North Carolina

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Updated: Volunteers Needed in North Carolina


Chainsaw and flood recovery volunteers are needed for North Carolina in response to Hurricane Florence. Week One teams are currently serving near New Bern, NC. We need volunteers for Week Two (working Oct 8-12) and for Week Three (working Oct 15-19) Volunteers will travel down on Sunday and return on Saturday.


Due to widespread damage and lack of utilities, housing is very limited in the area we have been assigned. We only have space for 12 people with no room to separate men & women, so until further notice we can only accommodate male volunteers. We know this eliminates half our volunteers—we’re working on a better solution.


The situation on the ground has been changing daily, so we ask volunteers to please be flexible! The chainsaw team may need to do some flood recovery and vice versa. If you have had any prior DR training, we can teach you chainsaw/flood recovery in the field if you are willing to learn.


If you are able to serve, please indicate the week you are able to respond. Please note that these dates are subject to change based on conditions in North Carolina. If you are unable to serve, please pray for our DR volunteers, the local churches ministering to their communities and all those who have been affected by the storm.


Please go to: and log into the database. Under "Upcoming Deployments", which is at the top of the screen, click on "Updated: Volunteers Needed in NC". Please sign up under "Unassigned Personnel" by clicking on "Volunteer for Trip" and again, please remember to include your available dates.