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Callout for Harford County Flooding

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Email Subject: Callout for Harford County Flooding
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Flood recovery volunteers needed in Harford County, Maryland

The Maryland Emergency Management Agency has asked us to assist 10 homeowners affected by the recent flash flooding in Harford County. We will be sending out work teams for the next three Saturdays: September 22, September 29 and October 6. We may also be working during the week depending upon homeowners’ schedules. If you are willing to serve, please check in with the Saturdays you are available. If you are available to serve during the week, please give us your available dates.

Please go to: and log into the database. Under "Upcoming Deployments", which is at the top of the screen, click on "Harford Couty Flood Recovery Needed". Please sign up under "Unassigned Personnel" by clicking on "Volunteer for Trip" and please remember to include your available dates. 


Base of Operations: Oak Grove Baptist Church

2106 Churchville Rd, Belair, MD

Check-in 8:00 am

Please bring your own lunch; ice and drinks provided